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Professional, Loving, Secure, Home & Pet Care

  • I'm a roving, full-time pet and home caretaker.

  • In addition to pets and plants, I provide full-service care for your home.

  • I can clean your home from top to bottom. I'm worth my rates.

  • I am available for any length of time, though assignments of at least two weeks are preferable. I'm not overly picky. 

  • Although I currently serve the U.S. and Canada, I’m open to other locales.

  • I have a long history of caring for a wide variety of animals, including my own, as well as those entrusted to me by friends and family. I do this full time, professionally. 

  • When I lost my two pugs it gave me the time to think about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Mid-life crises are real! I have found that caring for pets is possibly the best therapy. It's fun and rewarding. Animals are genuinely amazing creatures. I adore them. 

  • In addition to changing my professional direction, I've also been lucky enough to go back to my university studies full-time. The program I'm in allows me to study from any location, so all I really require is the Internet.

  • I am also a certified ESL/TESOL/TEFL teacher. I provide instruction on how to grasp the tools necessary to speak English with more confidence and efficacy.

  • What you would expect from me: Respect, trust, kindness, honesty, reliability -- all very important when doing this. 

  • About My Services - I offer: 

  • Overnight/Daytime/Drop in's 

  • Walking/Playing 

  • Administering Medication 

  • Loving your babies and caring for your property and plants as though they were my own. 

  • I'm comfortable and highly experienced taking care of a vast array of animals, including, but not limited to: Dogs, Cats, Goats, Horses, Fish, among others.

  • "Are you experienced?" I am. I'm a professional house sitter, as well as animal caretaker. I can provide a significant list of personal, professional and employer references.

  • "Why do you want to housesit?" Experience life! I wanted to do something unusual. I'm a very meticulous caretaker, so I am very good with doing exactly this. I also have an increasing wanderlust that seems to be taking over as I get older. 

  • "What can you bring to the assignment?" I'm genuine, I love trying new things and going places I've never been. I know more about coffee than anyone you'll ever meet. I am a Coffee Master! A great cook, too!

  • I'm crime free and I have a perfect driving record (which I *do* have paperwork for).

Now Accepting

ReservationS for 2021!

"We felt so spoiled and privileged for Michael's excellent service!" 

"..did I mention he was responsible for 12 dogs, 2 puppies, 5 goats, 3 cats and a HORSE! 
I will definitely ask him again when I am planning an extended vacation." 

Personalized, Loving Care

Your best friend becomes my best friend.

Lilly ❤️

Virtually Any Animal*

*that won't harm or kill me

Slate is an exceptionally beautiful #horse.jpg

Canada & The U.S.

I drive to you!


Loving your babies and caring for your property and plants as though they were my own.


Snow Forest Road

"An outstanding house caring job! Michael took outstanding care of our house, pets, plants and 15 y.o. son while we were away for 10 days. We came back to to a pristine house (even our messy teen had cleaned up his room under Michael's great influence!), everything was taken care of so well. Cherry on the cake, Michael made a wonderful dinner for us the evening when we got back!!! We felt so spoiled and privileged for Michael's excellent service! We highly recommend Michael for any house sitting challenge and will be contacting him again."

J & S, Simsbury, Connecticut

Wild Horses

"During the month of May, 2016 I had Michael housesit for me for almost 10 days. 
This is the 2nd time Michael has sat for me. 
I asked him because where I live it is hard to find good, dependable people who will 
care for my animals the same way I care for them. 
Just like the first time, Michael came through with flying colors. 
If there was a question or concern he did not hesitate to call or text. 
Oh, and did I mention he was responsible for 12 dogs, 2 puppies, 5 goats, 3 cats and a HORSE! 
I will definitely ask him again when I am planning an extended vacation. 

EB, Normangee, Texas

Pastoral Scene

"Michael loves having pets around, and I think they love having him around too, especially cats and dogs. Michael loves his dogs. I will be bold and say, from personal experience, there are times Michael would rather spend his time with four legged company than in the company of certain humans, and if you need to spend some time away from your furry friends, Michael is the man you`ll want to offer them the companionship they`ll need while you`re away.The trust and patience is there, and we all know trust and patience is everything."

JWR, Dundee, Scotland

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